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KOG TRANSPORT INC. is an International Freight Forwarder, active mainly in the Project Freight Forwarding Field, as well as General Freight Forwarding. In North America, we have been established since 1981, and effected logistics and forwarding services for numerous projects for the Oil and Gas, Cement, Power, and Steel Industries, among others.

Working in the North American environment, we are, of course, not only arranging the forwarding of material from the place of manufacturer to the port of exit, may this be by rail, truck, or barge, but also look after the delivery of the equipment to the job-site in the country of destination, should your contract entail delivery. As common in international project shipments, we are, of course, not only arranging the transportation from and to North America to the country of destination, but also from any country where project cargo is being sourced.

In addition to the usual forwarding services, we organize and supervise overseas projects from start to completion, utilizing our specialized staff of experienced professionals.

  • handling and transport of complete industrial plants from ex works up to final destination
  • supervision of transports through our KOG employees and delegates
  • pre-carriage to seaport/airport of exportation
  • FOB deliveries at seaports/airports of exportation
  • execution of transports by charter and/or heavy lift vessels
  • on-carriage to final destination job site
  • special transport / road surveys for transports of heavy lift and/or oversized cargoes.
  • warehousing, marshalling and packaging services
  • hazardous materials transportation
  • consolidation services

For some clients, we act as their in-house traffic department by arranging and coordinating all aspects of shipping, including document preparation for their international shipments. Even though there may be a consignee appointed Freight Forwarder, we liaison between them and our client to ensure the smooth handling of all their general international cargo. (more…)

During the execution of general cargo shipments, as well as project transports, there are many shipments effected by airfreight and truck, in addition to ocean cargo movements. We handle any airfreight shipment, from small spot moves up to complete aircraft charters. Additionally, we also handle everything from less than truck load moves to complete truck loads, including oversized cargo transport, arranging for all of the necessary road surveys, special equipment, permits and escorts.

As almost all projects consist of merchandise purchased not only in the United States but in various foreign countries as well, KOG is very well versed in the arrangement of shipments across international borders. We delegate our well experienced transport specialists from New York or one of our other offices to oversee and ensure the smooth operation of cargo transportation from it’s point of origin to it’s final destination.

In the United States, we can also provide packing and crating services in many locations through our third party facilities. This service is also available in many overseas countries. Marine insurance can be covered through our open policy or by providing you with your own open policy through our insurance agent.

In the United States we are a licensed freight forwarder, as well as an IATA accredited airfreight forwarder, and customs house broker under KOG TRANSPORT INC. As EUROTRANS SYSTEMS INC., we operate a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier Service, duly licensed as Ocean Transportation Intermediary by the Federal Maritime Commission. Under the name of HANSE EXPRESS, we operate as a domestic property broker, and arrange domestic transportation by rail, barge, and truck.

Our forwarding system allows our clients to track the status of their shipments, based on prior determined search factors. Our information system allows you to track and trace your shipments through the internet. Purchase order data, as well as other vital shipping information, such as commercial invoices and packing lists, can also be transmitted electronically to our system for further processing. We are able to design a status report for your projects which will fit your needs, and our system can automatically forward messages to you at certain designated events, such as pick up from your supplier, loading onboard a vessel or aircraft, etc., etc. These events will have to be mutually agreed upon in order to suit you.

Among our staff in New York City, we employ Marine Engineers, graduates from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York, who are assisting our clients with the transportation of abnormal cargo, either due to size, weight, or both. These specialists are available to calculate correct loading and stowage procedures, together with blocking and bracing requirements. They also undertake loading supervision at the place of manufacturer, may this be on to truck, rail, or barge, as well as necessary supervision at an intermediate point, in the country of origin, together with loading supervision onboard the ocean going vessel, or aircraft, as well as supervision, if required, in the country of destination. Additionally, these Engineers work up route surveys both in the country of origin, as well as in the country of destination, for abnormal cargo.

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